About Us

Hi, thanks for stopping by Classy Patterns!

We've been selling online, mostly on eBay since about 2000 and officially since 2002 as doozie_design and hiddentreasuresgalore (check out our feedback), and for a few years we were eBay Power Sellers and attended the annual eBay convention in New Orleans. That was quite a trip and really interesting, we learned a lot about selling online.

My name is Brenda...in addition to online sales (which I truly love), I also have a background in web and graphic design. I've tried hard to put together a website that's easy to navigate and also clean-looking and uncluttered. I've streamlined this site and set up the categories in a way that I hope you'll like.

Any suggestions or questions feel free to email me at mail@classypatterns.com

Thanks and have a wonderful day!