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Classy Patterns is on Instagram!

  • Jul 19 2016
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Well I just set up an Instagram account recently. It took over a week to get up the courage to post but I did it! Social Media isn't all that difficult but when you're on so many of them it's hard to keep up with how to use them all. So...officially Classy Patterns is now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter AND Pinterest. Kinda proud of myself...can you tell??

Plus Size Patterns

  • Jul 15 2015
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I've been thinking lately about plus size patterns and plus size clothing. For years now I've been on the lookout for sewing patterns of all kinds to make available on Classy Patterns. One thing I rarely see are plus size patterns. Do plus size seamstresses hang on to their patterns in the hopes of using them again? Are there just less plus size patterns manufactured in the first place? One type of pattern that I have never found is a plus size vintage pattern so it was surprising for me to come across a really interesting and informative website today called Curvy Sewing Collective.

I really enjoyed all the different posts, especially Tanya's post on "Grading Up Vintage Patterns" ( by Tanya). How thoughtful of these unique women to share their thoughts with all of us! I did come across a hidden stash of plus size patterns recently that I'll be listing soon, so keep an eye out for them...

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